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Power Redefined

Born of a revolutionary idea, the Honda NSX continues the legacy of its illustrious predecessor. With the vision of creating man-machine synergy, the advanced Honda NSX is a New Sports eXperience built around the driver. Designed to be a comfortable daily drive and a trailblazing sports car all at once, the Honda NSX is crafted to redefine power and performance.

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Dual-Climate-Control Honda NSX

Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control System

The Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control system allows both driver and passenger to pre-select their preferred temperatures, and then automatically adjusts volumetric airflow and temperature to maintain a proper and pleasant climate throughout the journey.
8-Dynamic-Thin-Film Honda NSX

8 Dynamic Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) Gauge Cluster

At the front and centre of the instrument panel is an 8.0-inch Dynamic Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) display, which is overlaid with a digital tachometer. In the tachometer is the digital speedometer readout and full-colour Multi-Information Display (MID). The central TFT display is flanked by digital gauges displaying the SPORT HYBRID SH-AWD® system motors state of charge or assist and battery state of charge, with an analogue engine coolant temperature gauge on the left and fuel gauge to the right. The display also visually complements the Integrated Dynamic System and acts as a warning system, alerting the driver when engine speeds approach the redline.
Leather-Wrapped Honda NSX

Leather-wrapped Steering Wheel with Paddle Shifters

The shape of the leather-wrapped steering wheel is complemented by extended-length paddle shifters and optimally supports two hand positions: nine and three o clock, and ten and two o clock. It is further accented with carbon fibre in a stitchless design to maximise the driver’s connection to the vehicle and the road.
Semi-Aniline_Leather Honda NSX

Full Semi-Aniline Leather Upholstery

Developed through pressure mapping measurements and lined with handcrafted genuine luxury leather, the ergonomic seats offer the ultimate comfort while supporting dynamic driving.

Thermal-Orange Honda NSX
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LED-Daylight-Running Honda NSX

LED Daytime Running Lights & Headlights

The LED headlights provide superior down-the-road illumination with outstanding light distribution and light characteristics with a wavelength close to the human eye‘s luminosity curve. The LED daytime running lights and position lights add to the vivid illumination that can be easily seen by pedestrians during daytime hours and complete the signature look of the NSX front lighting feature.
Alloy-Wheels Honda NSX

Alloy Wheels

These exclusive interwoven wheels deliver premium handling while complementing the sculptured curves of the car.
auto-pop-out-silver-door-handle Honda NSX

Auto Pop-out Silver Door Handles

Approach the NSX and the flush-fitting exterior door handles will pop up to offer a welcoming handshake to the driver and passenger. Once you get in, the door handles return to the flush position, supporting clean airflow along the body side.
Floating-C-Pillars Honda NSX

Floating C-Pillars

The floating C-pillars are as purposeful as they are distinctive, supporting efficient body-side airflow. The C-pillars extend outward from the sloping rear roofline so that, as air flows down the sides of the vehicle, it is efficiently rerouted into the side-mounted engine air intakes. The floating C-pillars also aid engine cooling by creating a negative pressure zone around the rear heat exhaust vents, along the outside edges of the rear windscreen, improving the efficiency of heat loss.
Rear-Spoiler Honda NSX

Rear Spoiler

The aesthetically appealing carbon fibre rear spoiler works with a rear diffuser and tail light slots to generate significant downforce and effectively manage the drag created by the aerodynamic wake generated behind the car.
Rear-LED-Tailights Honda NSX

Rear LED Tail Lights & High Mount Brake Light

Sleek and appealing, the rear LED tail lights have a compact and narrow appearance with a uniquely freeform shape. The LED tail light array starts off wider, towards the centre portion of the rear of the vehicle, then gently tapers as it wraps around towards the outside corners and rear fender arches. The high mount brake light is a discreet feature providing added illumination as an extra safety measure especially while driving through the nights.

Berlina-Black Honda NSX

Berlina Black

Source-Silver-Metallic Honda NSX

Source Silver Metallic

Casino-White-Pearl Honda NSX

Casino White Pearl

130R-White Honda NSX

130R White

Nouvelle-Blue-Pearl Honda NSX

Nouvelle Blue Pearl

Thermal-Orange Honda NSX

Thermal Orange

Curva-Red Honda NSX

Curva Red

Valencia-Red-Pearl Honda NSX

Valencia Red Pearl



Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA™)

The Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA™) system regulates the engine's output and selectively applies the brakes, helping to maintain traction on slippery roads. During cornering, VSA™ helps bring the car back on track when it deviates from its correct path.

abs Honda NSX

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) prevents wheel lock-up during emergency braking situations and on slippery road surfaces. It also increases vehicle stability and control during deceleration, and minimises accidents.

srs-airbags Honda NSX

SRS Airbags

The NSX comes with single-stage driver and dual-stage passenger, multiple threshold front airbags. The airbag system uses sensors to assess the weight of the front passenger and shuts off when an infant is detected. The driver knee airbag is designed to supplement the driver's single-stage airbag and aids in keeping the driver in position. Packaged within the driver and passenger seat side bolsters, the side airbags are designed to deploy and inflat quickly to maximise protection of the occupants' upper body. The side curtain airbags with rollover sensor provide head and upper torso protection.


Agile Handle Assist (AHA)

Agile Handling Assist (AHA) uses active braking to help you trace the desired line through a curve smoothly with smaller steering inputs.

rear-camera Honda NSX

Multi-angle Rear View Camera

With this system, you get a composite view of your car's surroundings through wide-angle views on the vehicle's navigation screen.

Electronic-Parking-Brake-v1 Honda NSX

Electronic Parking Brake with Automatic Brake Hold

An Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) allows the driver to engage the parking brake by simply pulling on a rocker switch located on the centre console. The EPB also includes the convenience of Automatic Brake Hold (ABH), which maintains rear brake hold and lets you take your foot off the brake pedal. To get going again, simply step on the throttle pedal.

engine Honda NSX

3.5L V6 Engine

Feel the rush from the moment you touch the throttle. In pursuit of unparalleled performance, the NSX reinvents the supercar category by being the first supercar to use electric motors to enhance and elevate every element of its dynamic performance. Along with a 3.5L V6 twin-turbocharged engine, the NSX is built to deliver instant acceleration and a breathtaking experience.

9-speed-dual-clutch-transmission Honda NSX

9-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

The NSX features a bespoke nine-speed dual clutch transmission (9DCT) which works in concert with the Direct Drive Motor to make full use of the power unit's broad powerband, producing quick and precise gear changes that support the instant acceleration responses. As a key component of the power unit's packaging, the 9DCT has been optimised for compact size, low mass and low centre of gravity.

sport-hybrid-sh-awd Honda NSX


The SPORT HYBRID Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SPORT HYBRID SH-AWD), is a first-of-its-kind technology in supercars that utilises its electric motors to assist acceleration, braking and cornering. With electrically powered torque vectoring provided by the front-mounted Twin Motor Unit, the NSX takes SH-AWD technology to new heights, using the dynamic, instantaneous and continuous distribution of electric motor torque to enhance handling precision and cornering performance in all driving situations.

integrated-dynamic-system-v1 Honda NSX

Integrated Dynamic System

The NSX is built to perform in various environments and suit different driving styles. The Integrated Dynamic System gives you the flexibility of changing between four dynamic modes on-the-fly.

Prioritising electric-only driving, Quiet mode lets you silently cruise through busy city streets.

For a more responsive drive, take it up a notch with Sport mode. The 4,000 rpm limit is eliminated and a more aggressive throttle map and transmission shift map are introduced.

With explosive acceleration, higher agility, faster up and downshifts, and greater steering feedback, Sport+ mode is the perfect mode for you to take on winding roads.

For stirring moments behind the wheel, turn the Dynamic Mode dial to Track mode. Feel maximum acceleration from a standstill with Launch Mode Control now enabled.


Multi-Material-Lightweight-Body Honda NSX

Multi-material Lightweight Body

The multi-material space frame is a construction of highly rigid aluminium extrusions, aluminium stampings, high-strength steel stampings and ablation cast aluminium frame nodes that serves as a critical component in the absorption and dispersion of energy in both front and rear impacts. Additional platform fortification and occupant safety performances is provided by the world's first automotive application of three dimensional bent and quenched (3DQ) ultra-high-strength A-pillars.
advanced-aerodynamism Honda NSX

Advanced Aerodynamics Management

Body panel surfaces, fluid shapes, air inlets, exhaust outlets and the design of the C-pillars, all serve to optimise aerodynamics and support dynamic driving performance. Tested in wind tunnels to be ever ready for the open roads, the NSX is designed to keep its cool and maintain excellent stability at high speeds.

One-Push-Start-Button Honda NSX

One-push Start Button

Innovative and convenient, your exhilarating daily drive begins with just a push of a button.

7-Display-Audio Honda NSX

7" Display Audio with Electrostatic Touchscreen

The Display Audio system is supplemented by steering wheel mounted controls to put access to functions at the drivers fingertips. A user-friendly suite of audio and connectivity technologies is controlled by a single, 7" touchscreen.

Steering-Wheel-Switches Honda NSX

Steering Wheel Switches

When the long open roads are all yours, engage cruise control, take your foot off the accelerator, lean back and enjoy the ride. Connect wirelessly through the Bluetooth™ Handsfree Link to your electronic devices including your mobile phone so you can pick up calls without taking your hands off the wheel.

NSX_compare Honda NSX
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Overall Dimensions mm 4487 (L) x 1939 (W) x 1215 (H)
Wheelbase mm 2630
Wheel Track - Front / Rear mm 1657/ 1617
Ground Clearance mm 107
Curb Weight kg 1781
Turning Radius at Wheel Centre m 5.9
Engine Type 3.5 V6 Twin-turbocharged DOHC 24 Valves
Fuel Supply System PGM-FI (Direct and Port Injection)
Bore x Stroke mm 91.0 x 89.5
Displacement cc 3493
Compression Ratio 10.0 : 1
Maximum Power kW(PS)/rpm 373 (507) / 6500-7000
Maximum Torque Nm(kg-m)/rpm 550 (56.1) / 2000-6000
Maximum Speed km/h 304
Acceleration 0 - 100km/h sec 3.6
Maximum Power (Front Twin Motor) kW(PS)/rpm 27 (37)/ 4000
Maximum Torque (Front Twin Motor) Nm(kg-m)/rpm 73 (7.4)/ 0-2000
Maximum Power (Rear Direct Drive Motor) kW(PS)/rpm 35 (48)/ 3000
Maximum Torque (Rear Direct Drive Motor) Nm(kg-m)/rpm 148 (15.1)/ 500-2000
Total System Power (Engine + Motors) kW(PS) 427 (581)
AT Clutch Type Wet Clutch Type
AT Transmission Type 9-speed Dual Clutch Transmission
Type Rack and Pinion with Electrical Power-assisted
Overall Ratio 11.07
Turns Lock to Lock 1.91
Brake Type - Front / Rear Ventilated Carbon Ceramic Discs
Parking Brake Type Electronic Parking Brake
Suspension Type - Front / Rear Front - Independent Double-wishbone, Double Lower Ball Joint
Rear - Independent Multi-link with Stabilizer, Coil Spring
Shock Absorber Magnet Rheological Variable Active Damper (Front & Rear)

Specifications may vary from model(s) shown


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